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Kitten Kitten
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Floppy Eared Bunny (Large)
Flaming Red Dragon
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-Origami Pets Greeting Cards
Birthday Cards, Holiday Cards & Thank You Cards That Transform Into Pets!

Customize Your Greeting Card and We Will Send It Directly To Your Loved One!

- Greeting Card Pets - 
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Be the envy of all of your friends as an exclusive Origami Pets Breeder.

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How to Become a Origami Pets Breeder
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Bottlenose Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphin
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Bottlenose Dolphin
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Bottlenose Dolphin

The Bottlenose Dolphins are known as the acrobats of the ocean. They can leap 20 feet in the air doing flips and twists. 
  • This realistic 3D paper animal is printed in high-definition full-color ink on durable card stock paper to provide endless fun for the whole family!
  • Great for pretend play, trading, collecting, proudly displaying and makes for the perfect gift or party favor.
  • Easy for storage and travel: they can be flattened out to the size of a thick bookmark and can be stored in a folder, scrapbook or within the pages of your favorite book.
  • Creating your Origami Pet takes 10-15 minutes to complete. 
  • Includes a personalized Birth Certificate that you can download and print for each Origami Pet.
     To create your Origami Pet:
  • Cut with scissors
  • Fold 
  • Glue
  • Stuff with tissue
     Size of completed Origami Pet:
  • 4 inches tall by 8 inches long by 3.5 inches wide

      Items included:

  • Your Origami Pet, directions, a paper stick, a cotton ball and Elmer's tack

      Items not included:

  • Scissors, a small quantity of school glue and a few facial/bathroom tissues
Customer Reviews
Rating Fun craft
  We have two young daughters who love to make crafts. We liked this craft because it was not only fun to make but my girls really had fun playing with it afterwards. My girls want us to order the bunny and jaguar cub next. I am looking forward to spending more time with my girls.
  Reviewed by:  Tom from Seattle. on 7/17/2012
Rating So cute!
  My 6 year old daughter loves this! She enjoyed putting together the dolphin almost as much as playing with it.
  Reviewed by:  Mary from California. on 7/1/2012
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