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Kitten Kitten
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Shar Pei Puppy
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-Origami Pets Greeting Cards
Birthday Cards, Holiday Cards & Thank You Cards That Transform Into Pets!

Customize Your Greeting Card and We Will Send It Directly To Your Loved One!

- Greeting Card Pets - 
Patent Pending
Stay Tuned and See Them First!

Be the envy of all of your friends as an exclusive Origami Pets Breeder.

You will have your very own web page where you can sell pets to your friends, scout groups, church groups, mom's groups etc. You can even sell pets to the visitors of your Facebook page or blog site!

Earn money showing off your collection of Origami Pets!

How to Become a Origami Pets Breeder
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Our Story

My husband and I were reintroduced to Origami several years ago by our two wonderful boys.  At that time they were both completely captivated with everything Origami. We would spend Saturday afternoons making jumping frogs and flapping birds. However, as our children grew so did their desire for more realistic, life-like Origami animals. This desire sparked the idea that led our family to come up with Origami Pets. 

We found a way to incorporate some of the best aspects of traditional Origami with our fantastically real animals. With a compact design Origami Pets are both ideal for travel and small spaces like classroom desks and constructed out of paper they are completely recyclable.  We hope that the special child in your life has as much fun playing with Origami Pets as our boys do. Let your journey begin, whether itís travelling through a mystical realm with a fire breathing dragon or on an African Safari with a lion cub, your Origami Adventure starts here!

Origami Pet Characteristics

Looks amazingly real

Easy to collect and trade with friends

Compact and light making them great for travel

Store in a book, backpack or folder

Stuff and unstuff again and again

Takes only minutes to make and provides endless adventure

Completely recyclable

Comes with a personalized birth certificate

Awesome birthday party gifts or favors, stocking stuffers and basket fillers

Simple to store extras for unexpected playdates and sleepovers